"On My Block" is a film challenge that brings together communities by inviting
any and all to create a short film using only their block's residents as cast and crew.


Woo hoo. Submissions for 2013 are just starting to come in. Check out the videos below and “Like” the ones you dig to help folks move to the screening. The films are also also viewable from our Vimeo Channel).

Temple Court for OMB from Birdiechannel on Vimeo.

Temple Court off of Seeley street
Mooki Saltzman (Block Resident)
Stephen Pannone (Block Resident)
Toby Pannone (Block Resident)
Chris (Block Resident)
Emily (Block Resident)
Faith and Lance Tarhan (Block Residents)
James Kelly (Block Resident)
Amy Rothenberg (Block Resident)
Reva and Zoe Senese-Grossberg (Block Residents)
Angelo Spagnolo (Non-Block Resident)

Take A Chance from Gage Zanghi on Vimeo.

A conversation shot on Long Island in Lindsey Place, a dead end block in Holbrook, New York. This short was made for On My Block Films.

Miles Graves (Block Resident)
Alexis Zanghi (Block Resident)

Written By – Miles Graves (Block Resident)

Directed by – Gage Zanghi & Miles Graves (Block Residents)

Director of Photography – Gage Zanghi (Block Resident)

Sound Mixer – Richie Cook (Non – Block Resident)

Grip – Kyle Zanghi (Block Resident)

On My Block Film Entry

This film was made on Queens Plaza North, between Crescent Street and 24th street, in Long Island City, NY.

Cast and Crew:

Cilian Tung (block resident) – writer, director
Stefania Marin (block resident) – extra
Daniel Belay (non-block resident) – graphics and camera guy
Shaun Choo (block resident) – actor
Silvina Guerreiro (block resident) – director, editor

This film was made on Prospect Avenue between 10th & 11th Avenues in Brooklyn as part of On My Block Films (http://onmyblockfilms.com).

Cast & Crew
Filmmaker: Chris Laidlaw (Neighbor)
Filmmaker: Axel Taferner (Non-Block Resident)
Actress: Grace Jones (Neighbor)
Actor: Danilo Miglietta (Neighbor)
Actor: John McGovern (Neighbor)

One Love was shot in East Harlem between the blocks of 92st-96st. East Harlem is one of the origins in where Hip Hop is very prominent. Historically a majority of the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, inspired the development of culture and Arts especially from a Hip Hop stand point. Artist such as Wander Acosta (Lower Class Citizens), Abiodoun ( The Last Poets), and The Legendary MIC (The Welfare Poets) share their views on the fundamentals of Hip Hop as a constructive aspect of existence especially in the struggles that exist for minorities today.

Wander Acosta – Block resident (Interviewee)
Mike Pacheco – Block resident (Interviewee)
Abiodoun Oweyele – Non Block resident (interviewee)

Rickey Turner – Block resident (DP, Editor, Composer, Director)
Wander Acosta – Block Resident

“This film was made on Union St. between Henry & Clinton in Brooklyn as part of www.onmyblockfilms.com.”
Two brothers set off for a day on their block, entertaining neighbors while finding inspiration for their timeless tales.

Addison Wyatt Scott – Willhelm Grimm (block resident)
Ethan Harper Scott – Jacob Grimm (block resident)
Audrey Shannon – Rachel (block resident)
Leigh – Anne Gillis – Audience mom 1 (block resident)
Lili Bacheller – Yawning girl (block resident)
Sydney Bacheller – Bored girl (block resident)
Julian Goodger – Boy in hat (block resident)
Timothy Goodger – Audience dad (block resident)
Monique Ardell Goodger – Audience mom 2 (block resident)
Mary Crosse – Cellphone user (block resident)
John Scott – Prince (block resident)
Melissa Caruso Scott – Mom, Belle, Witch (block resident)
Joyce Bautista Ferrari – Reading mom (block resident)
Benicio Ferrari – Wee boy (block resident)

Patrick Flynn – Director of Photography, Film Editor (non-block resident)
Melissa Caruso Scott – Screenwriter, Director (block resident)
John Scott – Craft Services, Props (block resident)

Made as a part of ON MY BLOCK FILMS

This film was made on the corner of St.Johns Place (Fireman’s Corner) and Washington Avenue in Brooklyn as part of onmyblockfilms.com.
Filmed and directed by Scarlett Wilson, Fireman’s Corner is a quick documentary stepping a day into the lives of members of the Crown Heights community.
What happens when you take the time to discover the hobbies and relationships of those neighbors you often see but never really seem to notice?

Carlito Santiago (Neighbor)
Pedro Labriosa (Non-Block Resident)
Roy Douglas (Non-Block Resident)
Walter Love (Neighbor)
Ralph Campbell (Neighbor)
Carlito Santiago (Neighbor)
Producer / Editor
Scarlett Wilson (Neighbor)

We Love Beer, Yo! from Gina Torino on Vimeo.

This film was made in Brooklyn on North 11th Street between Berry and Wythe for www.onmyblockfilms.com.

Have you ever wondered how beer is made? What kinds of beers are there? Name the strangest thing that has ever happened to you on beer? This short documentary film will discuss these questions and more. Welcome to North 11th Street between Berry and Wythe where beer is made and loved!

Marcus Johnsson–Director (block resident)
Hsuan'ya Johnsson–Production Manager (block resident)
James Richards–Interviewer (block resident)
Kevin Wolff–Editor (block resident)
Gina Torino–Producer (block resident)

Eric Peck (block resident)
Meredith Rollman (non-resident)
Brand Schmittling (non-resident)

Documentary: three kids decide to take an inventory of pets on the block and go speak to their neighbors. This video was made as a submission to the 2013 On My Block Films Challenge.

Cast in order of appearance. All cast members live on the block of 28th Street between 21st Ave and 20th Ave in Astoria, Queens:

Samuel Bachman, Alejandra Bachman, Veronica Bachman, Margarita Soto
Daniela Sueiro, Marcos Sueiro
Leilani Farol
Mary Xenos
L. Pressa
Muhammad S. Chowdhury and Tasnim Chowdhury

Crew: Camera and Editing by Will Bachman, who also lives on the block.

The Last Bohemian of Carmine Street from Julia Rosa Stöckl on Vimeo.

This film was made on Carmine Street betw Bleeker & Bedford in Manhattan as part of onmyblockfilms.com

Julia Rosa Stockl (Neighbor)
Director / Producer
Tara Ritthaler (Neighbor)
DOP / Editor
Nathan Davis (Neighbor)

Julia Rosa Stockl
as herself
Tamara Ritthaler
as herself
Ava Paloma (Neighbor)
as herself
Sylvia Milo (Neighor)
as herself
Randy Kohn (Neighbor)
as himself
Nathan Davis
as himself

This film was made on E 19 St. between Foster Av. and Glenwood Rd. in Brooklyn as part of onmyblockfilms.com


Gayle Solomon (Neighbor)
Erika Banks (Neighbor)
Isabelle García (Neighbor)
Àlex Regueiro (Non-Block Resident)

Producer / Editor
Pablo Herrera (Neighbor)

Pablo Herrera (Neighbor)
Isabelle García (Neighbor)

Mary Ellen Kramer (Neighbor)
Mike (Neighbor)

Black Tabby from Lady Bird Productions on Vimeo.

This film was made on 3rd St. between 4th and 5th Ave. in Brooklyn as part of onmyblockfilms.com
Erin Bagwell (Neighbor)
Producer / Editor
Sal Mastrocola (Neighbor)
Narrator / Music & Sound
Julia Dobner-Pereira (Neighbor)
Chloë Piazza (Neighbor)
Tyler Bagwell (Non-Block Resident)
Lucy (Neighbor)
Black Tabby