"On My Block" is a film challenge that brings together communities by inviting
any and all to create a short film using only their block's residents as cast and crew.


Once you’ve decided to make a film on your block, you’ll need to start finding some friends to make it with. You may already know a few people on your block, and that’s a great start. But if you expand that circle, we guarantee you that you’ll find other interesting people who have skill sets that will make your block’s team even more resourceful. Below are a few tips for recruiting neighbors on your block to join the cause. We created these by experimenting with recruitment tactics on our own blocks as we made the Seeder films you see on the site, so we know what’s working best.

On this page is a PDF that has several different types of flyers you can print out and hand to neighbors. We’ve left space for you to put your specific block (Union btwn. Henry & Clinton), name, your email, and the date you’d like people to reply back about being on your team. That date is really important; if you leave it open-ended, you’ll get fewer responses. We recommend giving people 5 days to RSVP from the day you hand out the flyers. The flyers are Adobe Acrobat PDF files, so they should open on pretty much anyone’s computer. OMB Printable Flyers

  • Apartment Building – If you live in a large building, you may want to tape a few of the signs by the elevators of each floor or by the mail pick up area. Even better, slide one under each resident’s door.
  • Single Family Homes – If you live on a block with lots of brownstones or other single family dwellings, it’s best to go door-to-door and either tape your flyer to the door or mailbox area or slip it under the door. Even better, knock on the door and introduce yourself. But we recommend doing this during the day so you don’t startle anyone.
  • Retail – You may also have delis, coffee shops, or other retail establishments on your block. They can definitely be in your film and may be willing to let you hang a flyer to recruit people from your specific block.
  • Local Fairs- Summer is the time for street fairs and festivals. Print out flyers and bring them to your local festivals, and chances are you’ll meet some neighbors there or people who know neighbors from your block that they can direct your way.

The best way we’ve found to recruit neighbors is to spend a couple hours during high foot traffic times sitting in front of your building with a few flyers. As people walk by, you can simply ask, “Excuse me, do you live on this block?” and then tell them about the project you’re embarking on. Share with them what part of the project inspires you the most and direct them to the site. Even better, hand out some flyers so they have a reminder when they walk away. We found it was most successful when we did 2 different 2 hour sit downs on our stoop as it gave us a higher chance to see more people.

Maybe you wanna combine it with a Stoop Sale or Lemonade Stand and make some change while you’re at it. Whatever makes it the most fun is the way to go.

Some blocks have community pages that neighbors communicate on already. Joining one of these is a great way to get the word out. You can also join your neighborhood’s Patch on Patch.com and share what you’re up to on your specific street.

Once you’ve got confirmations from 5-10 (or possibly even more!!!) people, you should all decide on the date, time, and location for your block’s kick off meeting. More on that on the following tab.