"On My Block" is a film challenge that brings together communities by inviting
any and all to create a short film using only their block's residents as cast and crew.


Kick-Off & Rules

All filmmakers must first register via the Registration Page and submit the required information before beginning the filmmaking process. You’ll receive a confirmation email from us shortly after you register.

• Finished films must be between one and 3.5 minutes in length and can be documentary or narrative.

• The cast and crew of your film must be made up of your neighbors on your block, and you must shoot the film on your block (interior or exterior). For the purposes of this project, a block is considered your street, not the entire quadrant. For example, your block could be Union Street between Henry and Clinton. Only films shot on location in one of the five boroughs of New York City will be eligible for the categories of Best Narrative, Best Documentary and Best in Show. Filmmakers who live outside of New York’s five boroughs (or anywhere else in the world) can still participate. However, their films must be created on their block and must follow all other rules to be eligible for the Best Non-NYC Film category.

• Minimum size for an eligible filmmaking team (cast + crew from your block) is four participants. You are allowed up to 2 non-block residents on your team, even if your total filmmaking team is only the minimum of four participants.

• Each filmmaking team is allowed a maximum of two non-block residents as part of the team. (e.g. a shooter or editor)

• A Team Leader must be designated who will sign all paperwork (releases, OMB License, etc.) for the team. Before filming the must register.

• Filmmakers must film all interior and exterior on their specific block. Films that use footage outside of the block will not be eligible.

• Filmmakers of all levels of expertise (novice to professional) are encouraged to participate

• Filmmakers are responsible for supplying their own equipment and filmstock and can make their films using any type of camera  (iPhones to 35mm).

• Although you may begin recruiting neighbors for your film and planning out your shoot, Films may only be shot and edited between July 1 and October 31, 2013.

• Films must be uploaded to the OMB Channel on Vimeo and you must have filled out submission information and submitted your film by Thursday, Oct. 31st at 11:59PM (EST). All required releases (music and subjects) must have been submitted and approved by this date and time as well.

•  The very first sentence of the submitted film’s Vimeo Description field must include the borough and street it was made in and state that it was made as part of www.onmyblockfilms.com. For example, it should read, “This film was made on Union St. between Henry & Clinton in Brooklyn as part of www.onmyblockfilms.com.”

• Participants must also include all crew and cast credits for their film in the Description section listing who is a neighbor and who is a non-block resident. You may choose to use only the first name and first initial of last name if that is preferred due to privacy.

• After films are uploaded, OMB shall have the sole, exclusive, and absolute discretion to either approve or reject all submissions and may deem shorts ineligible for any reason whatsoever (profanity, nudity, hateful messages, etc…)

• Any films that are not in English are required to have English subtitles.

• Each film must have proper release forms (cast, crew, and depiction) filled out which must be turned in within 5 days of submitting a film on the Submit a Film page. All signed release forms can be sent in one email to filmmaker@onmyblockfilms.com and sample release forms can be found on the filmmaking steps page.

• Each filmmaking team must appoint a Team Leader who is authorized to sign all film documents and will fill out the required information on the Submit a Film page.

Online Exhibition & Voting

on behalf of the film and team.

All eligible films will be screened online (once approved by OMB). The public will be able to vote on a film by “liking it” on the Vimeo website. The earlier a film is submitted, the more time the filmmakers have to get votes (in the form of Vimeo likes) from the public. The 30 films with the most Vimeo likes will move on to be judged by the Judging Panel during the first full week of November. Judges will rate films on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (5 being the best) based on the film’s Original Storytelling, Creativity, and Entertainment Value. The top-scoring 15 films will be screened at a physcical festival event in NYC in November.


The top 15 top films will be screened at an OMB festival event in NYC in November. Entry into the screening will be $7/person in advance and $9/person at the door. Prizes will be given out for Judges Selections for:

• Best Narrative Film

• Best Documentary Film

• Best In Show

• Best Non-NYC Film (See below for info)

This year, we will also accept films from outside the 5 boroughs of NYC. These films may be from another state or country and although they do not need to be from the 5 boroughs of NYC, they must adhere to all other eligibility rules to be accepted into this project. Those non-NYC borough films that follow the rules will be eligible for a the Best Non-NYC Film Award (to be chosen by a separate committee of OMB judges).