"On My Block" is a film challenge that brings together communities by inviting
any and all to create a short film using only their block's residents as cast and crew.


In this city of 8 million, we’re constantly surrounded by other people, but many of us don’t even know our own neighbors. We’re these experts at shutting others out: focusing on our phones, casually avoiding eye contact, and maybe holding open a door.

When you’re not connected to the those living on the other side of the hall, it’s hard to have any sense of community. And while there are plenty of chances to meet these people, it’s going to take something bigger than a handshake to get it all started.

Something like making a movie.

It’s something no one can do alone. It’s equal parts challenging, rewarding, and fun. And since we’ve all seen movies, we all have a basic knowledge of them… just maybe never tried making one before.

“On My Block” creates an opportunity for neighbors to introduce themselves, work together, and create trusting relationships through the collaborative filmmaking process. The films created will live on past the festival window as a source for community pride and as a living map of the world’s most creative city.

Our goal is to capture a wide spectrum of blocks throughout the five boroughs. We encourage all filmmakers—from novice to professional—to create films. Because making movie is no big deal. But what it could do for a block, a neighborhood, a community, and a city…is.

OMB Manifesto Video from On My Block Films on Vimeo.